PART B to Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

This is the second part of the Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants blog. This specifically pertains to the use of ICT in my blog. As you may have noticed, there are three different types of ICT utilised in the blog. There are two video clips, a link to a game and a graphic. This second part of the blog pertains to the first youtube clip, entitled Digital Native, Digital Immigrant. A copy is below:

Which learning style/s does this ICT support?

The video clip suits those learners who are more in tune with visual representations.

How could this ICT be implemented as a good cognitive tool within the learning environment?

The video clip provides a different representation of the information that is provided in written form. It allows the learner to slow it down, pause it and rewatch it as required. A videoclip, even one that isn’t very exciting, is more likely to be engaging than a talking head.

How is this ICT enabling the development of creativity?

This particular clip was obviously done by an individual, so it would probably best be used as an example and encouragement of students to undertake their own projects and develop their own videoclips on a particular subject, even one as dry as Prensky’s.

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